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Program Speaker

Lisa Brown DNP, MSN, APRN, CNM

Lisa Brown DNP, APRN, CNM is a full scope certified nurse-midwife for Mankato Clinic with a perinatal mood disorders specialization and trained by the FEMM Research Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine. She works with women of all ages and stages of life via telehealth and face to face visits. Dr. Brown has over 25 years of nursing experience, mostly in obstetrics, and graduated with a master's degree in midwifery in 2018 and a doctorate degree in 2022.

Dr. Brown has spent many years as a registered nurse and midwife working with fertility awareness methods, infertility issues, recurrent loss, and restoring reproductive wellness. She is a trained FEMM medical consultant and has working knowledge of the Creighton, SymtoThermal, and Marquette methods of fertility awareness. Dr. Brown has helped many women avoid and achieve pregnancy and addresses fertility issues like PCOS, anovulatory cycles, irregular cycles, recurrent loss, and hormonal imbalance from adolescence through menopause.

In recent years, Dr. Brown has developed a special interest in perinatal mood disorders after seeing this issue daily with limited resources to address it. She recently graduated with a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) from Bethel University in St. Paul MN. Her focus was on perinatal mood disorders, symptom management, and non-pharmacological interventions to improve mental health in the perinatal population. Dr. Brown sees patients at her practice at Mankato Clinic, Mankato and via telehealth through the Reply Fertility in Cary, North Carolina.